Why the need of a structuring agent

Hello, my name is Pascal Wuillaume.
After having been CEO in 7 different companies, I am now helping structuring your business to be future-ready.

So, why would you need the help of a structuring agent?
You are sometimes confronted with too many questions and too many issues
On the same time your day to day business is taking all your energy.
This is why you could use the help of a structuring agent.
On one hand I am acting as a consultant in order to help you defining your strategy and your roads to markets.
On the other hand, I go myself in the field side by side with your management in order to help them successfully meet their goals.

How this it works practically?
On one hand by helping you to decide on a list of projects you and your team will work on.
On the other hand by helping the managers working on these projects on the top of their current job.
And, by the way, most of these projects are “cross organization”. That means that a manager has to work with somebody outside his own organization.
I will help them (will the use of some tools) to put in place a structured way of working
within the organization,
in their relation with customers and suppliers
As soon as an organization, a department or an affiliate has over 20 employees you can’t trust anymore just on goodwill of people.
You need to help them to work in a structured way to be more effective, more efficient and in the end more profitable.

With my experience in businesses and people, I can really help you to make a difference for the future success of your company. Thank you.