How to Manage the Future

Hello, my name is Pascal Wuillaume.
After having been CEO in 7 different companies, I am now helping structuring your business to be future-ready.

So, How to Manage the Future?
Well, as you now, nobody can project the future
If we did, we would all be billionaires.
But as you know, every Management Team in this world has to decide about strategies and make yearly budgets.
So, in some way, we have to make some guesses.
There are different futures
The Possible, the Plausible, the Probable and finally, there is a Preferable Future - based on what WE want to happen
Unfortunately, most of companies use the Preferable Future as basis for their strategies and budgets.

But there are tools to help you to be as close as possible to what could happen.
These tools are called:
The use of Megatrends (evolution of population, of technology, etc..)
And the use scenario planning taking account the evolution of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors
And therefore, by using these tools, your company can build 2 or 3 plausible scenario’s, including a wildcard like a war or pandemic plague for example.
As you see, there are good ways for you to manage the future of your company.

With my experience in businesses and people, I can really help you to make a difference for the future success of your company.
Thank you.