5 key actions for a successful transformation

Hello, my name is Pascal Wuillaume.
After having been CEO in 7 different companies, I am now helping structuring your business to be future-ready.

What are the 5 key actions to successfully transform your company for the future?
First of all, you need a Wake-up call
Look around you how fast the world has changed. Look for the disruptive elements that obliges you to rethink the way you work.
As an example, the COVID 19 has drastically accelerated the webshop business.
People find it normal now to accept a zoom meeting instead of a physical meeting.
The COVID19 has also disrupted some key businesses such as retail, travel , events and so on.
So, think what are the disruptive changes in your environment, your customer’s habits, and the way you operate.

Secondly, you have to Imagine the future of your company
You need to imagine where your company wants to go. Check if your mission is still ok and update your vision.
Imagine the future, is a hard thing to do. You can therefore use some tools such as Megatrends.
I will develop this in another talk.
Thirdly, You have to make decisions
Your most difficult job is to decide which strategy you will follow and which not.
A new way to help you in this, is to develop several scenario’s. There are tools to help you with this, PESTEL & scenario planning tools.
I will develop this in another talk.

The fourth key action is to Organize the change
You can’t imagine how hard it is to change the habits of any organization.
People just don’t like change because it’s taking them out of their comfort zone.
I use therefore a program management tool called ‘”Track”. I will develop this in another talk.
Be careful because the devil always remains in the details

And finally, the fifth key action to successfully transform your company is “People”
Everything I told you before only work if you trust and rely upon your human environment.
You have to listen to your customers & your suppliers and trust them on what they say.
You have to listen to your own people and trust on what they say, the same way they have to trust you…
With my experience in businesses and people, I can really help you to make a difference for the future success of your company.
Thank you