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This book offers a multitude of principles and lessons that will guide you and open your eyes to the reality of the job of a business leader.
The author reveals to us the background of the life of a CEO, a widely-known position yet little documented in all its functions. Having become a consultant in this profession, he shares with us his experience and his precious advice which has propelled him to the position of CEO not once but 7 times, in 7 different sectors, all over the world!


The author wanted to share his experience by using 4 themes


His personal and human experience

In this first theme, Pascal Wuillaume leads the reader from his beginnings in professional life along his personal path and through development, to his final destination. In particular he explains how he developed his human capital, his professional relationships and how he accommodated his life as an expatriate.


  • Expatriation
  • Studies and continuing education
  • Know yourself and move forward with others
  • My relationships in four universes

The company’s life

In this second theme, the author describes the human environment of the company; presents various personality assessment tools, and discusses the importance of alignment among its members. He also shares his experience in leadership and in crisis management. Finally, he highlights the importance of the role that a CEO must play as the entity’s first salesperson.


  • Alignment with my teams
  • Leadership assessment tools
  • About sales
  • My relationship with external stakeholders

Corporate challenges

The author discusses the real challenges of any business which are linked to growth through innovation, by opening up new markets or by external growth and change management.


  • Internal growth
  • External growth
  • Business in transition
  • The human aspect in any change management

The company and the figures

Any CEO must have access to piloting instruments just like an airplane pilot. The author explains how to set up an effective system for monitoring revenue, operations, cash, quality, and customer satisfaction.


  • Your dashboard
  • The commercial network and its profitability
  • The profit calculation and the importance of cash
  • Quality and customer satisfaction

Pascal Wuillaume

Pascal Wuillaume advises business leaders. He is a structuring agent and international speaker. He was born and raised in Ghent, Belgium. He holds a master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University.
When he was young, he dreamed of being a citizen of the world. His dream came true when he joined a large French multinational corporation in IT.
He began in France, then was quickly promoted to a post in New York City. In 1990, at the same company, he was appointed Managing Director of Bull Far East based in Singapore. It was in 1995, a]er 13 years abroad, that he finally returned to Belgium.


My conferences, following the release of my book “THE ALL TERRAIN CEO”, are characterized by the highlighting of a human and social adventure of a business leader. Thus, the public can identify and recognize themselves in certain aspects related to successes, failures, crises, relationships between employees and the stress of change.

Throughout my conferences I refer to many anecdotes, some playful, others tragic, and I interact with the public in order to create a dynamic moment of emotion and inspiration.