A check up of your company in 5 days

Hello, my name is Pascal Wuillaume.
After having been CEO in 7 different companies, I am now helping structuring your business to be future-ready.

I have developed a tool to check up companies in 5 days.
After this check-up, you should have a clear idea on
where to go
and what you should put in place in order to reach your goals.
Do you want to know how I proceed?

On the first day
In the morning I meet you in order to have a good idea of what your company has achieved up to now and what you want to accomplish.
I try to know more about your background, about what you think of your key managers, about your main customers and the way you manage your company.
I also ask you about your main frustrations and difficulties.

In the afternoon I meet with your key managers and I ask mainly the same questions.
At the end of the day I know already if your team is aligned with you. Most of the time I discover some discrepancies and try to know why.

On the second day
In the morning I gather all the info on the sales network: the team, the sales figures of the different business entities.
I take a look at the contracts with the agents & distributors.
I look which kpi’s are present in order to follow the business.
I check if the setup of your sales network is in line with the market requirements.

In the afternoon I check the general sales administration and the outbound logistics.
I also try to know more about the direct margin of the sales

On the third day
In the morning I take a look on the purchases, the main suppliers and the contracts you signed with them.
I also have a look at the inbound logistics and warehousing system and costs.
I try to have a good idea about the gross margin.

In the afternoon I meet with the financial team and the controller and look if they have a good analytical reporting system.
I also check the state of their ICT systems & ERP.

On the fourth day
I work from my office in order to prepare a summary of my findings.

On the fifth day
I make a presentation to you in the morning and in the afternoon we work together on a workable plan (with or without some of your key managers).

With my experience in businesses and people, I can really help you to make a difference for the future success of your company.
Thank you.