to your vision 

for your business to be future-ready

CEO advisor & mentor to help you:

Pascal’s strengths:

  • 7 times CEO in Belgium and abroad,
  • efficient, structured and result-driven,
  • He is giving the impulse and the tools for the change processes but makes sure that it’s you and your teams that are in charge.


Broad international experience, with a smile

After 25 years’ experience, 7 times CEO in 7 different sectors, I have developed an expertise to help CEO’s and their teams to be aligned with an exiting vision within a fast-changing world.

Today, I help CEO’s who wish to develop or restructure their business in a profitable and sustainable way.

  • to be aligned with yourself and with your teams on a common vision,
  • to prepare your company to increase its market value,
  • with mentoring if you are new to the function,
  • to successfully implement your sales strategy.

To be aligned with yourself and with your teams on a common vision


To be aligned with yourself and with your teams on a common vision

Screening your business

Leaders consult me because they are at a turning point in the life of their business.
Either it has just been bought, or on the contrary it will be valued for sale, or the structure has not accompanied its growth yet. My 25 years’ experience as CEO in various business sectors and multiple regions around the world allow me to quickly diagnose essential problems to be resolved, find opportunities to be pursued and enter the field while always taking great care of human factors, even in crisis times.

Here is how I check up a company in 5 days


How could you boost your sales?


Do you have a dashboard to follow your monthly activity?

People Management

Are your teams aligned with your company vision?

Change Management

Do you know how to implement a successful change management in your company?

Managing your Future



Speed of change is exponential.
The COVID19 and homeworking oblige us to rethink our way of managing people and of doing business.
Your business lives more than ever in a disruptive world.
In order to take advantage of it you need disruptive management and tools.
My 25 years’ experience as CEO allow me to quickly diagnose and find opportunities while taking care of human factors.

My Management tools

Thanks to my many years of broad and diversified experience as CEO, I developed a wide range of management tools that will help structuring your business to be future-ready! The first tool to get used to is a DASHBOARD that will help you follow on one page all financial, commercial, production and quality KPI’s. When it comes to decisions about the design of your future strategy and its implementation, SCENARIO PLANNING and the tool TRACK are respectively the most suitable options to look after. To close the overview of your business, integrating a PIPELINE will help you to get a clearer idea about your future orders and follow your sales activity.


It is of the utmost importance to check on a monthly basis the vital elements of your company. Thanks to the use of a dashboard, you will never have unexpected surprises and will be able to concentrate your energy on the topics that really require your attention within the fixed range of time.


Your KPIs at a glance

Clear objectives & motivation

No more surprises

TRACK — My Project Management framework

Most projects fail due to a lack of discipline. With TRACK, you will be assured to successfully finalize your projects on time and within your set budget. The resources needed will be monitored and you will be able to prioritize your projects by giving a score on 6 key dimensions.

Breaking silos

Sharing work equally

Prioritisation & Visibility


Even if you have a nice CRM you still need a Pipeline to follow your main sales activity and discuss it on a weekly basis with your salesforce. You can also use this tool for your yearly budget as for each prospect you have a deadline, a price figure and a probability.

Scenario planning

You need a method to prepare the future regardless of what happens. Scenario planning helps you make sense of an uncertain future and make better decisions. It defines critical uncertainties and develops plausible scenarios in order to discuss the impacts and the responses to give for each of them.


Cies Vanneste
Product Development Manager

As the Product Development Manager, I was asked to introduce and coordinate a project management method developed by Pascal.

The goal was to set up a meaningful product portfolio in the short term and to create a roadmap with new developments for the years to come. Together with Pascal, I introduced ‘Track’, a systematic way of working, allowing creativity while assuring deadlines.

Open communication, validated decisions, centralized documentation and transparent reporting were the necessary conditions to ensure a high ownership and involvement of colleagues.

Decisions were made as a team, resulting in shared responsibility and shared successes.
The approach was then expanded and applied on purchase, logistics and sales projects.

The most important achievement of this approach was that it created a clear view on the short and mid-term future, delivered results and aligned the team.

Lies Van Wyngene
Marketing Manager

Saskia Van Kerckvoorde

Pascal succeed in starting the turnaround of the organization by establishing a focus on the core business, establishing a clear vision and strategy, building a motivated team which led to stabilization and growth of the business.
I truly like his management style that is built on values of respect, clear focus through insight and broad experience. His openness as well as his open mind make him a strong leader to take an organization to the next level.